Reviews and Testimonials from happy clients

World-class photographic skills!

Greg has spent the better part of 30-years in media production and has taken his world-class photographic skills to a new level and followed his ambitions to the Pacific Northwest. Greg ventures deep into uncharted territories including The Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and numerous “Secret” destinations throughout the Northwest to capture the rarest of visual discoveries. Surely his journey will continue to inspire all that appreciate the beauty that is in the world around us. 
Doug Powell Oviedo, Florida



I have seen photos of barns and ships and mountains before, 
but for some reason, your photos capture the moment in a warm, genuine,
REAL way
Your photos also bring back childhood memories for me and I really enjoy that part of it.
I would be interested in purchasing a few.
Keep doing what you are doing, it is Spectacular.
Mike P., Palm Desert CA


Greg truly has a keen eye for detail. His ability to capture the beauty of his landscapes is superb. The lighting and composition are breathtaking!  I am in awe of all of his work. 
Alethea S., New York City

You captured it perfectly

I love it man…! Can’t wait to frame it up. (3 foot X 4 foot…!)
The significance of the “timelessness in architecture” is represented in this shot. You captured the modernity of the hi-rise as it’s reflecting a century’s worth of history. Yet subtly passing by is the vehicle to build, rebuild and maintain.
You captured it perfectly….love the originality. Thanks, man…totally happy with it.
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